Three Ways Email Automation Can Save Your Business Money

3 Ways Email Automation Can Save Your Business Money

It’s no surprise that 43% of businesses are desperately trying to find better ways to improve revenue, save money and take advantage of what email automation has to offer. If you don’t already know, email has been the number one channel to produce returns with very little overhead costs.

The majority of costs linked to email automation are the software, template designs and man hours to manage the platform. For company’s who really want to improve this area of their business, here are some great reasons to put some skin in the Email Automation game.

1. Email Automation Saves Your Employees Time And Keeps Them Focused.

Email automation is designed to replace the repetitive task of having your employees send out monthly, semi-monthly and annual emails. Emails like newsletters, blasts, upcoming events and news. Not to mention the time saved automating emails that are sent out after company events. This could also automate processes to convert subscribers into customers without ever having to call them.

Did you know that just under 65% of sales representatives time, on average is spent doing non revenue-generating activities. This means only 35% of their functions are actually related to selling.

With all this time saved by automating these tasks, this enables your marketing and sales teams to focus on more important tasks. Now they have the time to sell, nurture and convert prospects into customers.

2. Saves You From Hiring Designers & Data Analysts

Many marketing automation tools come fully equipped with email templates. They also include reporting features that anyone on the team can run at will. Marketing automation platforms like the one we use offer quite a large selection of email templates, formatting options and designs right out of the box!

Team members can easily use these reports and templates to build their own marketing materials without having to hire a graphic designer. It’s almost a standard now that these tools come equipped with visual editors. This enables your team to see exactly what the end result will look like while they design it.

Did you know that 47% of businesses in the Mechanical & Industrial, Construction and Manufacturing industries don’t have a mobile or device responsive website design? This translates to $45k – $80k for small businesses alone.

Options like responsive designs so end users can open them on any device are very important. Again saving time with testing for formatting, and making sure everything looks just right.

3. Easily Removes Contacts and Prospects who aren’t Valuable To Your Business

Email automation can also reduce the time salespeople spend with potential clients who aren’t even interested or ready to buy your product or service. A good marketing automation tool can help identify the people in your email database who are more interested in your products, alert your sales team to follow up accordingly and make better use of their time. Giving priority to those customers and prospects who are interacting with your website, emails by clicking links, including the ability to track who has opened the emails.

Email Automation can provide a science such as scoring and grading which will enable your business to focus on the right people at the right time when they are engaged. This saves your employees time and dramatically reduces your sales cycle and the time it takes to close a sale!

Most businesses in the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing industries are beginning to see the benefits of email automation tools and how it can take their business to the next level.

It’s time you take advantage of email automation and start saving your business money.